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They flew downtown and found the Rowdy Ruff Boys writing things like "Girlz R Stupid" and "Brick Wuz Here" on a brick wall. Boomer saw Bubbles and gave her a slight smile which she returned."Alright boys, drop the cans! " Blossom said."And I suppose you're gonna try to stop us? " Brick said with a smug smirk."You wanna fight for it? We can't just walk right up to them like that."Buttercup glared at her but then just sat down next to her and pouted. " Blossom said slowly as if they were dumb."Yeah, he's possessed," Brick said.

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Bubbles and Boomer have been trying to hide their feelings for each other for the longest time because they know they can't be together. We can't just go over there and yell at them.""Well then what do you suggest we do genius? Now follow her lead before I tear my hair out and yours. "So reluctantly they all followed Blossom's lead keeping a distance between them.

They were the only ones there, even the Professor wasn't home. Bubbles slammed the window down as soon as the girls came in and leaned against it casually.

They came to her place after school figuring it would be a better place to watch TV than his house since hers was more comfortable. It was very distant but still clear enough for her to hear. "Hey girls.""Hi Bubbles…why are you watching Scrubs? They all knew Bubbles didn't watch Scrubs…until that day of course."I just turned it on and well, now I'm hooked," Bubbles said with a shrug."What smells like pizza?

" Blossom put her hand over Buttercup's mouth."Can I kick their asses ? "We trusted you to be one of us and you go off with her! She's our enemy Boomer, we don't date the enemy, we beat up the enemy! She knew as well as Brick did that Boomer wouldn't leave them. "But they kicked you out of your house, where are you gonna go?