Peaked interest dating site

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Real-time tracking by researchers has identified a risqué trend in winter and early summer — people on the Internet looking for love — or at least sex.

In a new study published this month in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior researchers tracked Google keyword searches in the United States for pornography, prostitution and dating sites between January 2006 and March 2011.

Q: For some reason I confuse “peak” and “peek” all the time.

Is there a simple way to help differentiate the two so I can get it correct in the future? A: OK, so I’m not sure if you noticed but I submitted this question myself.

K.-based neuroscientist and blogger Neuro Skeptic, who was not involved in the study, wrote on his blog in response to the paper. "One possibility is that it's purely a social construction driven by the fact that in Western cultures, Christmas and summer are the main holiday seasons," Neuro Skeptic wrote.