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– Most women do watch and fantasize, but those who can openly admit it to a man are most definitely more open to more deviant activities.

– No not in it’s literal sense but the other way round 6. – You can also ask other follow up questions to this.

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You have to know how to make it work to your advantage.

Some pickup lines are perfect on their own, while others need a little something extra. Don’t just giggle the entire time and make a joke of it.

– Her preference is very important since it will allow you to know ahead of time. This would come in handy if you are planning on introducing a bit of “visual aid” in one of your sessions. The freedom it affords a woman is key to keeping her attracted to you.

etc- If she already admitted to liking movies, you should ask what specific genres she prefers. - Let her know that it is perfectly acceptable to fantasize about someone else (aside from you) when she is alone. – Let her know that it is very much okay to be vocal and expressive in such circumstances.

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