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It's his loss not yours and, frankly, just plain bad manners not to even send a brief acknowledgment to a message – so just move on.

Be wary of revealing a lot of personal details about yourself until you feel sure about the person.

Last month I opened things up for readers to share stories and experiences with me about online dating. Here are our findings from the most important question asked…

1) Develop a thick skin Online dating is kind of crazy. Instead comment on their profile (‘I commend you for being the only guy man enough to admit that ‘Shopping lists’ like these become UNBELIEVABLY boring.

If you feel that there's some chemistry between you, then arrange to meet up.

Make sure that the first date is in a public place, always tell a friend where you're going – and don't forget to take your mobile phone.

You'll get the most out of online dating by following these simple guidelines and taking a few precautions.