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New Kingston, or "Uptown", is as safe as anywhere else on the island.

The OP will just want exercise caution travelling anywhere new, and avoid Downtown (lower Kingston) altogether.

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And they sure as HECK didn't give me any vibes to make me think they looked at me as anything other than just another black brother, unlike the countless African immigrants I've spoken to, that let you know they don't consider you one of them...

So yes I'm thankful to everyone who as advising me, but understand, much of this is a shock to me.

Caribbean people are quite up to date on international news and the current hard times in the US are very well known so American does not necessarily equal rich nowadays.

Whichever island you choose just go with an open mind, try to avoid pre-judging and treat people with respect. It can be refreshing to be in a society where black does not equate with different or minority. No I wasn't specifically looking abroad for a women, I was just planning on visiting a foreign country for a while for the experience and while there maybe meeting a nice girl. I actually considered Sydney, but found a lot of post on here mentioning how hard it is for an African American to date over there.

It's just not the same, and as an African-American it can be a great experience to stay in a country where blacks are the vast majority, and hold all high public offices.

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