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Chad explained to PETA, “To tell you the truth, when I was younger growing up, I thought it was all fake―they didn’t kill animals.” So when he found out how animals are brutally killed for their skins, he really wanted to become a part of this campaign.

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Foxes, minks, rabbits even dogs and cats are bludgeoned, stomped, electrocuted, and gassed to death.

PETA undercover investigations reveal that many are skinned alive.

Thousands of studies prove Johnson wrong, but the man seems stuck in his opinion.

If you're reading this, Chad, at least check out the article below.

Excerpts from Rubi’s interview below –What has it been like since the show? I wondered, “Hey is this gonna be something that’s bad for what I do? I’d be a super lazy person not to take advantage of the things I’m reaping now because of the show. And what I do of course depends on fan base and popularity and if this helps it, great.