Norwegian dating etiquette No cc need sex

Take your shoes off — we don’t want mud and slush on our floors. Show up on time — not late, and certainly not early (since the host may then ask you to pitch in).

When everybody is finished eating, everybody says a phrase you have probably never heard.

“Takk for maten” just means “Thanks for the food,” and is a way to show gratitude to the cook for the effort she or he took to make the meal. Norwegians who say this abroad often get surprised reactions by the hosts, who assume they thought the food was really, really good.

Visit Norway during the first half of May and it seems like every teenager in the country is dressed in red overalls.

If you’ve become fond of someone in Norway, say “jeg er glad i deg.” If you say “jeg elsker deg.” don’t expect to hear from them for a few weeks while they finish freaking out about having moved too fast.

After nearly a quarter century in the country, this one still drives my dear mother insane.

Whose last visit to a pub was the night the Berlin Wall fell?