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6v 30 watt quartz halogen light source with a full Kohler .illumination system.

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Field lens with iris diaphragm giving Kohler illumination from the separate control box 12 volt 100 watt halogen illumination from the external light box to the back of the microscope. x4 plan (n.a.0.10), x10 plan (n.a.0.25), x25 plan fluotar (n.a.

0.60), x40 plan (n.a.0.65), x100 (oil) NPL fluotar (n.a. All in all a fine microscope A quality Leitz microscope at a very affordable price.

The head is attached to the horizontal by an ingenious ball and clamp socket so that any angle of the head is possible. The eyepieces are x15 and the overall magnification is x7.5.

All original A trinocular Ortholux 11 with a rotating circular stage. Attached specimen driver with separate XY controls.

This is a very good example of this professional microscope.