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When a new dealer is added to the list users are asked to 'verify' their experience for other users of the group.And there is also a section for traders who are visiting cities outside London including Liverpool and Birmingham.

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A spokesman said: 'Drugs ruin lives and the City of London Police and its partners will do everything we can to bring those involved in the drug trade before the courts.'The spreadsheet highlights the problem with drug use among wealthy city workers.

Last year a judge condemned the City’s ‘culture of excess’ as he sentenced Daniel Green to six years’ imprisonment for attacking a woman after a drugs-fuelled office party.

The trader, who has been pictured with the far-Right group the English Defence League, ignored the 27-year-old’s pleas to stop after he pounced on her beneath a desk, and only did so when she burst into tears.

Green, who had been working for finance firm Strat X for only a week, said: ‘Oh f***, she’s crying.’ After the case it emerged Green’s Twitter page is littered with posts about drug taking, drinking and graphic sexual references.

We often hear people talk about fuel savings making their scooter "free" to own. Click on the graphic to open or download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. We looked at the SYM Fiddle II several years ago and liked it.