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wrapped production, after an epic six month shoot that spanned from the end of January to mid-July, just before the cast and filmmakers headed to both D23 and Comic-Con to showcase the first footage, although it still hasn't surfaced online quite yet.

The studio has yet to release a synopsis or even a full cast list, and it seems most of the stars don't even know much about the movie, with actress Elizabeth Olsen recently revealing that the production never gave any of the stars the full script for the movie while production was under way.

As for Elizabeth Olsen, an set video leaked back in April which revealed quite the major spoiler about her character Scarlet Witch, who was seen kissing Vision (Paul Bettany), a character who has been romantically linked to Scarlet Witch in the comics.

However, Vision appeared to be "human," which could mean this scene was part of one of Scarlet Witch's strange visions, although that isn't confirmed.

Most of the antagonists in the series have names that are related to minerals and gemstones, including Queen Beryl and her Four Kings of Heaven, the Black Moon Clan, Kaolinite and the Witches 5, and most of the members of the Dead Moon Circus.