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One debate regarding the shift from handwired turret board to PCB circuits is what, if any, effect was made to the tone of the amps.

Early handwired amps are certainly more valued and more expensive.

Part II: Vintage metal panel through JCM 2000 series The early JMP Master Volume amps achieved their distortion through the preamp stage when played at lower volumes, raising the master volume controlled overall level, but power tube distortion could also be achieved just like with the non-master Super Leads by cranking it up. export versions of these amps continued to use the 6550 tubes, while all of Europe and Canada retained the use of EL34 tubes.

The sound of these ‘70s JMP master volumes was pure rock. Interestingly enough, and again in my opinion, the 6550 tube is my favorite when used in the master volume circuit.

By 1976 and with the introduction of the first Master Volume series marshals, the 2203 (100 watt) and 2204 (50 watt), Marshall had finally brought to market a much-anticipated design.