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Even if you ask your married woman friend how she is feeling, what is happening with her marriage, do not expect her to tell her the truth.

Remember, that your relationship with this woman, whether it is only physical or otherwise, has been founded on a lie.

Or, he may end up falling in love with a woman who will always love another man.

Men and women fundamentally think differently when it comes to relationships, and so the man that is getting involved with the married woman needs to understand these differences.

These differences are especially important if the man is only looking for some fun.

Although many married women and men are reconnecting with old flames via social networking or are seeking new experiences, these men and women are still, for the most part, violating the trust of their marriage.

Getting involved with a married woman may be exciting, but you should be prepared for the consequences if everything goes south.

This does not mean she will leave her husband, and it does not mean that she won’t.

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