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The Volcano does not serve the traditional Montreal poutine (French Fries, cheese curds topped with gravy). The Coconut Bar serves 80 tropical drinks, beer and wine.

In the Volcano room Valerie and Sylvain also diminished Polyneisan music in favor of rock n’ roll. Highlights include the “Porn Star” (Curacao Bleu, Sour puss and 7 Up,) and the “After Sex” (vodka, banana liqueur and orange mix.) “Every year we try to make a new drink,” Duhaime said. Some on the menu are from 50 years ago.” The old drinks have the kick of a good honeymoon, The Hotel-Motel Coconut tiki bar, Volcano room and Coconut Terrace is at 7531 rue Notre Dame (Route 138) in Trois-Riveres, Quebec. I received a complimentary “Coconut” lei when I checked in.

The park’s jewel is the 419-acre Wolf Lake that borders Hammond, Ind., and although it has been described as a “hidden gem,” nearly half a million people visit annually.

Interim Site Superintendent Levi Bray said that at least 60 per cent are minority outdoors enthusiasts, which skews up from national camping demographics.

Even if you waited until nine at night you’d have the grilled chicken dinner…The eighth, final stop,would be the cider float. She always knows us.” Ray maintains the Amish population birthed the RV industry in Elkhart. “One Amish guy will know a neighbor down the road looking for a job and they bring them in. I’d say about 80 per cent of the workers were Amish when I started in the RV industry (in the late 1960s).” Indeed, in June, Allison Yates of Atlas Obscura wrote a story “Why the Amish are Building America’s RV’s (They’re forbidden from driving them, but not making them)” and pointed out the Amish of Northern Indiana have never been as isolated as other Amish communities in America. As a surprise, Cracker Barrel flew Ray and Wilma to the Cracker Barrel grand opening in Tualatin, just outside of Portland, Or. The Nashville-based chain previously had only ventured as far west as Boise, Id.