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(Parks Canada website)Dinosaur Provincial Park: The Dinosaur Park Formation, which contains most of the fossils from articulated skeletons, was primarily laid down by large rivers in very warm temperate coastal lowlands along the western margin of the Western Interior Seaway.

Jahre alte Gesteine über eine Distanz von 35- 40 Kilometern auf viel jüngere, 35-50 Mio. Link Australian Fossil Mammal Sites: The older fossils occur at Riversleigh, which boasts an outstanding collection from the Oligocene to Miocene, some 10-30 million years ago.

The more recent story then moves to Naracoorte, where one of the richest deposits of vertebrate fossils from the glacial periods of the mid-Pleistocene to the current day (from 530,000 years ago to the present) is conserved.

(Wiki)Western Ghats: The Western Ghats region demonstrates speciation related to the breakup of the ancient landmass of Gondwanaland in the early Jurassic period; secondly to the formation of India into an isolated landmass and the thirdly to the Indian landmass being pushed together with Eurasia (nom file)Pantanal: No Final do Cretáceo, esforços tensionais relacionados ao soerguimento em blocos da plataforma brasileira relacionado à orogênese Andina, promoveu um processo de desestabilização tectônica, acontecendo os dobramentos e falhamentos.

Link Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha: The late Cretaceous period, the Sichuan Movement, Emei original shape of the sedimentary layer of the level of deformation, displacement, there has been uneven degree of fold, faults of varying scale.

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