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I am not sure if I can dig in deeper to just eliminate the error or find a conflict causing the issue. This is far from my first BIOS flash, but it is sure making me second guess myself... I found guides for using both an Arduino Uno and a Pi, both of which I have.

I am going to try to daisy down the BIOS version and see if I can't get it back to the original. I have access to all needed components as well, so this is a feasible, if not a bit intimidating, [email protected] : Before I spend a weekend doing open heart surgery on the SPI chip, I would still like to try to fix the BIOS itself.

I unfortunately already began to buy parts as well before I ran into the issue, so I am invested in getting this build to work. The system build is one of the last ones before Alienware was bought by Dell, so it already had the final driver and chipsets released installed. Not sure what good it would do, as there *is* an error message telling me it's problem. Tried the original BIOS and received an error regarding a newer BIOS already being installed. Unplugged the Harddrive out of fear there was a bootloader virus on this used system, then reflashed the BIOS again and kept the harddrive unplugged. Just some very non helpful people telling me everything I needed was on the website, insisting I can fix it if only I would download driver packages there.

m3a32 mvp updating the bios-71

I might as well mess up the the BIOS properly before doing the external flash procedures.

:)You shouldn't need a floppy though, what i did was i formated a USB-stick as FAT, not FAT32, renamed the BIOS file to "AMIBOOT. But, hitting the Ctrl home combo at just the right time is a bit tricky, and that is why you have to use a PS/2 keyboard, a USB keyboard is initialized to late, i had to hit the key combo several times very fast to trigger the [email protected] : As a follow up question, while reading through the mobo user's manual, it also mentioned that there is a size limit on USB sticks that can be used with their Crash Free BIOS utility, which is similar to what we are discussing here.

All went well with the utility, and it confirmed it was successful. It's some kind of design flaw with the board ROM or the BIOS. Here is a list of everything I have tried, all of which end up in the same place of an unbootable system that only loads BIOS: Reflashed BIOS. I suppose I could try to go back, one version at a time, until I am at the original? and they only offered managers for me to speak with. https://com/Motherboards/M3A32M...p Desk_Download/I flashed to the 2301, though the 2104 would have worked too for the CPU I am using.

That just ticked me off more, because a manager doesn't know any more than them. I read around on this issue and found suggestions to get the installation disc, pop it in, and hold down ctrl plus pgup on boot to get access to a utility that would clear the NVRAM properly before a flash. I did, however, get my hands on the for another Asus board of a fairly similar generation, maybe only one gen newer, in hopes that would work. So, at my last wits and the Indians asking me to send the board to Asus (I doubt they will fix it, long out of warranty which I already explained to the guy TWICE.). The mobo currently has the 2104 on it, and I can flash it back to the 2301. I followed along on the guide here, picked up the MMTOOL V3.26.

My next attempt before surgery is to cause a bad flash, then try to use the recovery tool.