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Immediately West of the “Solah Khamba” is the Nadan Mahal tomb, from which the complex gets its name. According to Sheikh Mohammed Azmat Ali Naami Kakorvi’s historical account in Muraqqa-e-Khusravi written in 1282 Hijri (1866), Akbar had been warned by his astrologers that two particular days were inauspicious for him as emperor.

To tide over the period of the curse, Akbar nominated Sheikh Abdur Rahim to be emperor for two days.

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The original name of Nadan Mahal may have been Nidan Mahal, since Sheikh Ibrahim Chishti’s followers prayed for “nidan” or deliverance at his tomb.

Sheikh Ibrahim Chishti’s tomb is still used for worship, and shoes must be removed before approaching it.

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