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Placing fourth twice, third once, and fifth in the last season. I really enjoy watching him dance, and like Karina he has that strong classic ballroom feel to him that I really love, and seeing him and Karina dance together is magic to me for a non-couple.

: Believe it or not, Louis is my least favorite pro and it has nothing to do with dancing.

And I think I’ve mentioned this about Louis in general before, but he really seems to thrive when he has partners with a bit of a ‘tude – his best partners (Kelly, Niecy, Lisa to some degree) always seemed to be the ones that were a little mouthy.

While this may have irked other pros (I honestly don’t see Mark, Jonathan, Tony, Dmitry, or Alec faring well with divas), I almost think it just fuels Louis – because as we’ve seen, Louis is a bit of a diva himself 😉 : I have a hard time really commenting on Louis.

I feel bad trying to critique him when the stars he’s been paired with have been some of my least favorite stars on the show.