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I'll do more reviews later on the 3X OPTICAL ZOOM Clarity, etc later. I'm a bit turn off by the color actually for the camera at this moment. Select the camera and click on OPEN next to inner access.

You will not be able to use the office WIFI to view as it will be BLOCKED. Marix probably needs to do an official write-up on this. It is a preliminary review base on play around the camera concept after setup. Maybe I am too demanding or my expectation is high.

All you need to do is to attach a speaker to the IP camera, and use an app that allows 2 way talking.

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The fast, cost-effective method captures 360° photos that contain as much critical information as 8 separate photos.

Designed for media companies seeking network camera technology that delivers broadcast quality, full frame, streaming video.

I regularly barked into my mobile phone to get my kids to behave (eat quickly or you miss the school bus, practice your piano, no jumping on the sofa, no watching TV etc.).

Also last time I was traveling, the hotel I was in provides free Internet, and I was able to speak to my wife at night. Bro, if you had read my earlier postings on the VStarcam series of cameras. FYI, factory DDNS by default is disabled in all the T Series. So, how to get to the camera's web UI over the internal LAN?

This security vulnerability was actually discovered earlier this year.

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