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This is kinda what happens when I take advantage of a major sale of canned pumpkin!

In December, Netflix announced an update to allow its users to download films and TV programmes to watch offline.

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Staying on this path is hard because vegan food is incredible and whenever I create some kitchen magic worthy of sharing, I want to share it!

I hope you like this recipe enough to share with others.

I’ve been told that I am an awesome cook, but the deliciousness I create is often at the help of some amazing vegan chefs who create cookbooks that need to be in every kitchen.

When I started this blog a few years ago, I struggled with this blog not becoming “another one of those vegan food blogs” and my goal from the start has been to normalize veganism- not by diet but also by lifestyle too.

However, it's pretty new, and therefore very, very unlikely that you would run into it.