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Join us at 5pm GMT/12pm ET by tuning into the hashtag #bitcoinfuture. Jeffrey Robinson Jeffrey is the author of "Bitcon: The Naked Truth about Bitcoin," and has been described as the world's 'leading financial crime author' by the British Bankers' Association.

In addition to books on dirty money, he has written a number of investigative non-fiction books, major biographies and half a dozen novels.

Colorado is always awesome, Austin's fun, New York's fun, and Philly's great. It was MC Hammer when “Can't Touch This” was topping the charts. First it was Jodeci, then the second act was TLC, the third act was Boyz II Men, and MC Hammer closed the night.

Yet, every tour you always have that one surprising spot where you are really like “wow I wasn't expecting that.” Baltimore, for instance, two nights ago we played and it was sold out to five thousand people and we would not have expected that. My favorite concert was Rage Against the Machine; it was just out of control. Or as long as it remains fun and people keep coming to the shows then we will continue to do it.

We've worked with a lot of different produces and writers, and we just get in a room and start throwing ideas around.