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Specifically, she seemed to have her eyes on Max George (and at the time she was even accused of assaulting a woman in a club over him). And she may have been turned away when she tried to get backstage (she says she wasn't). I said, ‘Just call me your prince of Persia.' Adam Levine: Lindsay supposedly briefly dated Adam Levine at one point.

, James Franco jokes, "I f--ked Lindsay Lohan at the Chateau Marmont. But as we see, who hasn't at least briefly dated Adam Levine?

The actor accepted just 0,000 (£71,800) for his involvement in the critically-acclaimed political drama - and his salary sacrifice eventually paid off when the film was nominated for six Oscars including Best Picture.7.

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Bill Murray - that Murray made out a cheque for $25,000 (£14,958) to cover the rental cost of a helicopter for a scene which was eventually cut - and the filmmaker still owns the un-cashed cheque.3.

Lindsay Lohan - - a movie which took only 23 days to shoot.

The Hollywood megastar can now reportedly command up to $30 million (£18 million) per movie, but was recently quoted as saying: "You take the roles for the roles, and you've just got to balance economics like everyone does."6.

George Clooney - which he co-wrote, directed and starred in.

The actor accepted a percentage of the profit in exchange, and explained in an interview: "There were no perks.