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A few families will visit with their little children; there are very few adolescents.

Those that do come are there for the surfing and seldom go without suits.

Takenaka is employed by the Kauaapea Homeiowner's Association, which is a group of homeowners on the bluff above Secret Beach. The homeowner association is the brainchild of one Michele Hughes, a land developer from Aspen and Tiburon, who used to, but no longer, own land above Donkey Beach, a former nude beach and gay hangout on the east side of Kauai.

Private secuirty officers have no authority on public property in Hawaii, and all beches in Hawaii are public. Moreover, topfree for ladies is perfectly legal on becahes in Hawaii.

Here's another personal account about Little Makena: My wife and I recently visited Little Makena beach in Maui.