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The singer was a firm believer in the power of prayer and religion, having maintained throughout his life that an angel cured him of epilepsy when he was a child.

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Garcia writes that she then went home and took to her bed for days, laying there while cradling her son's ashes.

Prince meanwhile fled their home one day after the couple received their son's urn.

Prince's ex-wife is sharing new details about the pair's relationship in her new memoir, including how the two first met with and the night that the singer took her virginity.

Mayte Garcia was just 16 and living in Germany when her mother submitted a video of the the teenager belly dancing to Prince, which allowed her to spend some time backstage at one of his shows.

Garcia recalls how the nurses began to frantically work on Amiir, while her husband asked the staff in the operating room: 'Why is he not crying?