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This milk beer is then distilled and treated to a secret blending process.The vodka is then triple filtered and finished, before being hand bottled.

The pack includes a 50ml Black Cow Vodka mini bottle and an 80g Black Cow Vintage Cheddar Truckle. Available from Black Cow For something more luxurious, try the Black Cow Cocktail Shaker Gift Pack. Available from all Harvey Nichols stores and from the Black Cow online shop.

I would like to thank Jason for taking time out to answer 5 Questions and wish Black Cow Vodka all the best for the future.

Prior to her 'juniper epiphany', whenever we were out for drinks, we would always be scoping the bar looking for premium vodka brands in the Grey Goose, Chase or Ciroc mould, trying to find the cleanest and smoothest vodka that we could.

Little did we know that there was another vodka out there that should have had top of our list - Black Cow Vodka.

My home brewing then changed to an interest and a passion to find the cleanest vodka on the planet. That's a hard one as our vodka is great neat over ice with cheese, it also makes a great martini or in a cosmopolitan. If it was one way and no other, I would have to go for an expresso martini as milk obviously goes with coffee but also you get the creamy notes without the woody alcohol you get with some vodkas.

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