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There are two ways of using the duty free shopping system: 1.

By showing your passport at the time of purchase and paying the amount with the tax excluded at that time. By paying the full amount including the tax at the register and then later going to the information counter in the shopping center, showing your passport and receipt(s) and then receiving your refund after a day of shopping.

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Most exchange places are located near tourist-centered facilities, such as train stations, tourist information centers and so on. Four Ways to Get Cash in Japan The sales tax rate in Japan is currently 8 percent.

Prices are written in two ways; with tax and without tax. Convenience stores typically include the tax in the posted price, while on the other hand, restaurants and supermarkets may not, therefore the tax will be added to your total once you reach the cash register.

Applicable products´╝Üfoods, fruits, drinks, medicines, cigarettes. Minimum Prices: purchases costing from 5400 yen up to 540,000 yen in total at the same store within the same day.

You must take them out of Japan without opening/using them within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Conditions´╝Üpurchased items are only for personal use (ones for sales/business use are excluded).