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You can go get matched with a new user and chat with someone else, kind of like chatroulette… Tip: Japanese users are most active in the evening Japan time (GMT 9), so if you aren’t matching with many Japanese users try logging in at a different time.

Also make sure to add Japan related interests to your profile, like Japanese food, anime, Kyoto, Tokyo, and more to get matched with other Japan lovers in your home country or other English speaking countries!

But it can be hard to stay motivated to practice everyday, especially if you don’t have any Japanese speaking friends available to talk with. I’ve personally tried all three and would highly recommend Japanese learners struggling to stay motivated to practice or looking for Japanese speaking friends to try them out. Most questions seem to be answered within a few hours, sometimes even within a few minutes!

To Learn: Hi Native (https://hinative.com) Hi Native (from the makers of Lang-8) is the ultimate question & answer community for language learners. Hi Native is great for helping you practice and polish your Japanese because you can get help from native speakers and other language learners in real time without having to bother friends or classmates 🙂 Tip: You can use Hi Native for all kinds of languages, not just Japanese!

Also check out their sister service Lang-8 ( for even more language exchange services.