Intimidating clan names for mw3 Futanari chat

I just pick up a dictionary and ask for a page number, then choose a word from that page. Dark____ and Epic____ must be two of the most popular add on tags.

intimidating clan names for mw3-25intimidating clan names for mw3-28

I do have another weird one waiting in the wings incase I change it.

All my tags have included an animal name with a randomly chosen word.

At least you don't see Genocide Z often, thinking of changing my name to Genocidal Bobcat.

I have to say that after playing a little mw2 the past weeks, Scopes and sniper is probably the most used words when it comes to Co D atleast. Don't see em to much anymore but all of a sudden every person I shot in Co D4 was Mc Lovin.

So what do you guys think are some of the most overused words when someone makes their gamertag?