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FISH is an inventory of scanned digitalized text writing samples that have been plotted as arithmetic and geometric values.FISH contains threats to protectees as well as governors, senators and congressman and is the only repository of its kind in the United States.

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Searched characteristics include (but not limited to): postmark and postal code information, addressee information, phrases. FBI Laboratory's Questioned Documents Unit will search the system if an outside laboratory or agency has a legitimate request.

Digital images kept in a database of anonymous letters submitted in cases. No cost to access; outside labs and agencies can submit requests to FBI's QDU.

Also contains information on specific features to determine document authenticity and how to tell if questioned document is forged.

External users have to come in and view samples on site by special request.

Database is not available for direct access to outside agencies, though these agencies may submit possibly counterfeit checks to the FBI Questioned Documents unit for analysis.