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Our need for striving for the best will eventually rub off on you.We’ll inspire you every day and expect you to do the same. Plus, we’ll be talking about work-related ideas and probably brainstorming together. According to science, having regular discussions with each other about goals, dreams, passions and the future brings inspiration and positivity in the relationship.

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Call it my colonial hangover if you will, but I’m attracted to white guys and I’m a fan of cross-cultural and interracial dating.

I’m a 23-year-old Indian woman dating a Frenchman for four years, and this blog is my attempt to explain why an interracial couple should not be regarded as a repulsive oddity, as they so often are in our country.

Milind Soman is holidaying in Norway with his girlfriend Ankita Konwar, with whom he celebrated his 52nd birthday too. Just like me.- He's dating and I'm als– okay never mind.

However, Twitter being Twitter turned into a preachy aunty to troll the couple and especially Milind Soman over the huge age gap that they have.

To clear the air, we are not what the world perceives us to be.