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Let's spend a few sentences getting you all caught up, because time travel. Katarina Jones, in a post-apocalyptic 2043, discovered that there was a vast conspiracy to release the global epidemic that wiped out humanity and so she created a machine that can send people back in time to try and stop it.

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Back in 2043, Cassie wakes up to find that she was shot in 2016, but Cole sent her forward in time (remember? When they try to get Jones to help them, she sets the first person on fire by splintering only part of him. He used to be a kind-of bad guy but now is in a temporary partnership and is responsible for Jones' protection detail.

The Messengers figure out how to use the machine without Jones' help and start sending more and more people through time while back in 2016, Cole finds Dr. Cassie diagnoses Deacon with Wilson's disease, which is too much copper in the brain and liver.

Kalman, an old friend of Ramse's from Markridge (the people who made the virus) and asks him to come help Ramse. Kalman operates on Ramse in the sewer, he also injects Ramse with a serum that paralyzes him. Kalman is going to deliver Ramse to the Army of the 12 Monkeys in exchange for protection from the virus. She offers him medicine from the past if he will help her escape the Messenger's holding cell. It stops any more Messengers from going through and kills the rest of them who haven't already gone back in time.

He locks her up anyway, and then comes back shortly thereafter and springs her, forcing her to kill one of those Messenger people. Kalman told him – that Jennifer Goines is planning to release the virus on Chinese New Year in New York City. Cassie is now stuck in the future and Jones is going to rebuild the machine.

read more Another piece I directed/showran for the hit series “Impractical Jokers.” The guys were genuinely uncomfortable at talking to real women who had no idea they were on a show.

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