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Wouldn't that same rule also apply to their Informant? Unless, of course, the Informant — or Informants — is charged with keeping track of Earth's heroes for the Watchers, checking in on a regular basis to assess their progress.

If that's the case, then it's perfectly understandable why Stan Lee's character would randomly stop by and see how Spider-Man is performing after he revealed himself to the world in Captain America: Civil War.

Police blocked off part of Swan Street as fans spilled out of the bars and onto the streets of Richmond to rejoice after the game.

Thousands of fans danced as they waved their yellow and black scarves, and some supporters even climbed trees to express their excitement."I'm 29 years old, I've never seen a Richmond grand final — I saw one today, I never thought I would."The Killers won rave reviews for their pre-game — and post-game — performance, pulling off what many considered an impossible feat: a universally popular Grand Final performance.

The problem though is that teenage Peter Parker still doesn't have a complete handle on his abilities, making the sort of mistakes one would expect to see from a fledgling hero.