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As @dmcdougall wrote all the relevant GUI toolkits have a way of doing this, but the actual resulting behavior is up to the whims of the window manager.

gtkmm updating gui-26

hello all, I lack an understanding of the details of how threads interact in C ... What does it do when you *don't* put the reserve in there? well, the results differ from time to time, but "crash" is the best general description.

I have a number of threads extern "C" void* My_Thread(void* arg) that update a vector v_if in my main class (a gtkmm window class); however this only seems to work reliably when I precede the launching of the threads by a v_if.reserve(MY_BIG_MAX); in my main class; can someone explain the reason for this? If a datastructure is being changed and possibly simulateously accessed by more than one thread, it must be protected by a sychronisation object of some kind, typically a mutex.

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(Suggested by Marshall Perrin on the Py Int mailing list) Hmm..