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I guess what I’m trying to say is, I go to college just like the next person.

Sure, my women’s college experience is unique, and that seems foreign and scary to a lot of people, but it’s not like I’m taking classes in Narnia.

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Some sources would have us date women's matrilineal and matriarchal rule much further into the Neolithic millennia, or even the Paleolithic centamillennia, given that the evidence of a devotion to the female form in art appears to extend further back into prehistory than we can possibly know.

Yet, despite her ancient stature, Wonder Woman remains the most mythopoetically potent and popular contemporary superwoman to grace contemporary culture, especially among girls and women who claim her as an early feminist inspiration.

There are things that I love and things that could be better.

Unless you catch me in the middle of finals, I can confidently say that there are more things that I love than not. As a Barnard student, I have the unique advantage of enjoying the best of both worlds – I attend a women’s college within a larger co-ed university, which means that I take classes at and participate in clubs and organizations at both Columbia and Barnard – so I feel qualified to defend the women’s college experience, without stipulating its infallibility. I’ve learned that, instead of asking a series of (moderately offensive) questions, it’s worth doing the research to check it out firsthand.

You know that moment at school when the teacher told you to stop laughing but you couldn't stop and then when you managed to finally contain yourself, you looked at your friend and burst out laughing again? Well, viewers of just answered 'Aphrodisiac' when asked who the Greek Goddess of Love was.