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But it just gives you 720p output, not as supposed 1080p, but it scales very good on a full HD Monitor so that itsn't that big [email protected] It sounds like your issues is solved, but I would recommend trying the Midori browser on Raspberry Pi instead of Chromium.All "Updated at" timestamps show update time but the metric doesn't change. It takes anywhere between 3 mins and 30 mins for a widget to freeze, it appears random.

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Setting Dashing.debug Mode = true I can see the data is making it as far as the browser, but the widgets fail to update.

Hitting refresh in the browser causes the page to load with the correct values. Most widgets have data inserted via a curl request, although one is using a job. After a while all widgets do not update anymore, which is also visible in the updated At Message. Widget.receive Data (anonymous function) (anonymous function) Connection error Connection opened For us, there are no errors at the console at all - with debug mode on you can even see the new data coming in, but the data doesn't updated.

After some period of time, the browser stops synching with the Dashing application.

Refreshing the browser re-establishes the connection, so it seems that some browsers are simply failing to reattach to the event stream when losing connection.

All other widgets are graphs updated from jobs, which never have a problem being updated.