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Some adolescents act out their anger externally while others act it out internally via depression or other self-harming activities.

Briefly, permissive is not enough structure or guidance and it often leaves the child feeling abandoned and angry; authoritarian is too strict and too rule-oriented and can make the child angry, hostile, and over-bearing as an adult (the effect differs between boys and girls); and authoritative is the best for both boys and girls throughout childhood.

Intellectual level, per se, does not contribute to poor social skills.

Too much time with people who are nothing like us can warp how we solve the intricate problems of learning how to get along with others.

First, we will review some of the issues of friendship and romance among extremely gifted adolescents and young adults; and two, we will touch upon some ways parents and counselors can correctly guide adolescents toward appropriate friendships, romance, and independence.