Get bored easily dating

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I grew up hearing tales of men who tried super hard to impress a woman on a first date: putting on a nice outfit, bringing her flowers, taking her to the best restaurant in town.

These stories implied the guys wanted to pull out all the stops to show they were worthy of a woman’s time and attention. Why do women in 2016 now need to find love in Starbucks during an inconvenient 20-minute coffee break or prove ourselves before we’re upgraded to real silverware?

The right guy will respect—and really like—that about you.“Women get to decide how far things go,” Flores says.

Hi I'm Ali, I'm a Ryerson University Student studying Creative Industries.

They get bored.” Flores says men often become fascinated by women with high standards, especially when, in their experience, other women will give in and just go along with what they want.