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In older women, testosterone levels have also been associated with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and prevalent cardiovascular disease (14).Interestingly, the balance between testosterone and E2 is regulated by SHBG, which is a glycoprotein mainly synthesized by hepatocytes, for which the concentration tends to increase with age.

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For TNF-α, intraassay CVs ranged from 1.4 to 7.9%, whereas the interassay CV was less than 21%; for s IL-6r, intraassay and interassay CVs were less than 6.0% and less than 10.0%, respectively.

For IL-6, the interassay and intraassay CVs were 7%.

Blood samples were obtained from participants after a 12-h fast and after a 15-min rest.

Aliquots of serum were stored at −80 C and were not thawed until analyzed.

Physical activity in the year before the interview was coded as: 1) sedentary, completely inactive or light-intensity activity less than 1 h/wk; 2) light physical activity, light-intensity activity 2–4 h/wk; and 3) moderate to high physical activity, light activity at least 5 h/wk or more or moderate activity at least 1–2 h/wk.