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I didn’t expect it to succeed in helping me narrow top shirts by details like sleeve length or fabric type at this early point, but I at least believed it could pull up a few possibilities. After getting the shopping session started by the keyword trigger, Spring’s bot interface is easy enough to use. “I don’t like these” I told it, and was met with silence. “SIGH” I wrote to Spring’s chatbot, ending my experience today. , I wondered.) Over an hour later, Spring asked me if I wanted to keep shopping.

It asks you a series of questions to narrow down what you’re looking for — Men’s or Women’s items? The bot said it got my note and would be back with me shortly.

We made this guide so people can answer the big question: Bot or not?

When we message with people on the Internet, we deserve to know they are, well, people.

All of our therapists are licensed, flesh and blood humans, but we understand the concern.