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[Source: Kevin Short, Daily Yomiuri] With personal space being so hard to find in Japan the concept of privacy is more of state of mind than a condition of being alone.

The Japanese are very good at shutting out the world around them and making their own privacy by losing themselves in reading a comic book or sleeping while they are surrounded by people. All over Japan, you see men parked in their cars sleeping or reading, sometimes for hours at a time.

Often Japanese step into slippers for walking around in the house but remove their slippers when entering a tatami-mat room.

Good Websites and Sources: Good Photos at Japan-Photo Archive , , ; and ; A Day in the Life of a Japanese Kid cusd.chico.k12us ; Google-E-Book: Japan “ Why It Works, and Why It Doesn’t: Economics in Everyday Life ; Everyday Scenes ; Fixed in Life Blog, with Lots of Photos ; Photos ; Statistical Handbook of Japan Family Budgets and Prices jp/english/data/handbook ; 2010 Edition jp/english/data/nenkan ; News jp Japanese consumers are notoriously fickle and demanding. Product cycles are short; preferences swing wildly, especially among younger women; and Japanese consumers tend to be fanatical when it comes to quality.” Japanese prefer smaller, lighter products and are willing to pay high prices for them.

They are also willing to spend money for the latest and coolest stuff.

Lawns are so small they are cut with scissors and gardens are so small Japanese say they will fit on a "cat's forehead." The shortage of space has been the inspiration behind Japanese engineering wonders such as the Walkman, candy-bar size cell phones, compact cars and wafer-thin television sets.

Common Japanese tools include a nata, a wonderfully functional Japanese tool--sort of like a cross between a long-bladed hatchet and a heavy fish cleaver, and a kama--a short, single-hand sickle, for cutting heavy brush, and a short-handled bamboo rake.

As I become busier, I don’t have as much time to shop, so I only go to places where I can get good things.” Rice is usually prepared in a special steam rice cooker that has a special timing device so rice can be prepared for the next morning while people are sleeping.

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