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I have decided to love."On the battlefield that formed in a Virginia town on Saturday, in the midst of faces filled with hate, in the din of shouted curses, on the pavement marked by spilled blood, there were a few for whom the overwhelming storm of hate was too great a burden to bear. Flowers at the intersection of Fourth and Water streets in downtown Charlottesville on Sunday, Aug. The day prior, a group of protesters was struck by a vehicle leaving on woman, Heather Heyer of Charlottesville, dead.

You are sitting quietly, thinking of the end of civilization, when suddenly you find yourself near the whereabouts of your dad. “It’s the hot month of Summer and you need to become an adult!

Some of the protestors at the rally carried signs that said "I have decided to stick with love. I've seen too much hate on the faces of sheriffs in the South.

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“His parents named him Bathrobe Samuel because when he was born his name was Samuel and he is always wearing a bathrobe.

Bathrobe Samuel is a master of ghost legends and he will teach you to listen to a scary story without screaming, which is the adult way to be afraid.”“Here I am,” says Bathrobe Samuel.

She cradled his bleeding head against her side like a mother comforting an injured child.

As the battered demonstrator grimaced in pain, Mary Grace used her bare hand to attempt to staunch his wound.

The image of those hands, held out palms up in a gesture of acceptance like a Renaissance painting of Christ, with the word "Love" written behind them was in stark contrast to all of the other images I captured on that day.

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