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Russian married men think that have a lover-it's normal. Only never send money to them without previosly meet her and see how she live ,what kind person she is,etc.

(My husband came to visit me first,then he sent me money to go to another city for interwiev in american embassy and money for air tickets.

Many women in Russia like to marry american men,because we read everywhere,plus TV-that american men -is more family men and his family is most important to him.

They don't cheat on wifes as it do russian ,italian ,franch or chinese men. I think you don't need to be affraid to have contacts with russian girls.

It ends up ruining your reputation and you can be put on the anti-date and scammer websites out there. Okay, I will admit it – when a buddy of mine first told me that he was using a website called and that I should check it out, I was more than just a little leery.

I’ve been burned by online dating sites before – both because the women I thought I was talking to ended up being nothing like their pictures (and occasionally not even women!

What really sets this site apart, however, is the women – thousands of women – located both in Russia and Ukraine.