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But peaks and valleys are what it’s all about – a flat line of constant pep might become a problem.

That being said, unabated peppiness is a small price to pay for this farm girl. When asked why she often is chosen over Ginger, Dawn Wells had this to say: “I’ve always said — and I don’t mean this to be offensive — is that Ginger is a one-night stand while Mary Ann is for a lifetime.

Bailey, on the other hand, is a beautiful girl-next-door trying to make her way in a “man’s world”. Tina Louise played Ginger Grant (an amalgam of Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant), the glamorous movie star, while Dawn Wells played Mary Ann, a simple, innocent farm girl from Kansas.

The time honored question rests on the shoulders of these two girls.

If the Skipper and Gilligan were “relieving their sexual tensions” (to put it delicately), I’ll wager it was with Mary Ann’s short shorts in mind, rather than Ginger in her long sequined dresses.