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I’d been there plenty of times with buddies and wasn’t going to take my boys there after dark. I’ve seen it in Mexico and I’ve seen it here in the Philippines.

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What I’d like to cover here is a much wider look at this topic.

It’s something I’ve experienced on a much more frequent level here in the Philippines. Even in your own home town..” It’s not that I don’t believe in doing good deeds, I do.

It is the first step into Phase 1 of their strategy.. When someone says they are your friend, and you’ve only known them maybe two weeks (or less) and you really know NOTHING about them or their past. here in the Philippines it really helps to have people you know you can trust. It is possible some people may actually be trying to help you. In the Philippines, people are very networked and will often use their family connections to genuinely help you out. Maybe later, but all I wanted to do was have some lunch.

When you know you couldn’t locate them if they suddenly disappeared.. If they are genuine, like I said, they won’t be insisting you follow them blindly on some course of action. Let’s say you meet someone new and decide to have lunch with them one day. And like I said, it’s not just strangers you gotta keep an eye out for.

They are that predisposed to seizing an opportunity when it comes up. losing some valuables on an ongoing basis will help you see it a little clearer. Another guy, owned a piece of property and hired a guy to be caretaker for it. Just a “you can afford it” attitude with no pang of guilt crossing his mind or heart. According to the caretaker he hired, pigs kept ‘disappearing or dying’. they see a chance to take something and they take it.