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Swiping left or right is a great way to pass the time when snowed in.

Sadly, Tinder didn't have any storm-specific statistics.

During that blizzard, messaging on OKCupid increased by 34 percent — nearly matching the 36 percent spike seen during Hurricane Sandy.

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East coast dating

Don't worry, there is plenty of flirting to be found online.

"Historically, we have observed that bad weather is great for online dating activity, as people spend more time indoors," OKCupid chief product officer Jimena Almendares, told NBC News.

Here, men reply to half of all messages, and women reply to 20% (the highest female reply rate across Ok Cupid’s top cities, tied with Salt Lake City).

Casual relationships are fairly mainstream, but open relationships — one where both partners can see other people — aren’t quite there yet.

This data captures dating patterns in broad strokes — it certainly doesn’t mean that every guy you meet in NYC is looking for an open relationship.