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Pretty soon, the other Tutors were using me as well.

Looking back, i think that i have always had a submissive streak, a result of my strict upbringing i guess.

i felt so sexy, especially when, after we had eaten, They told me to masturbate for Them before another fellatio session.

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Then They all shot Their loads over my face and hair.

They wouldnt let me clean up, so i had to sit at the table and eat dinner with Their jism streaked across my face.

Certainly, my masturbatery fantasies centred on me being a sex slave in various scenarios or perhaps a pain-whore in a BDSM brothel.

But apart from my time with my Lord, i had limited and unsatisfying experience of BDSM.

Slightly tipsy, i quickly stripped and knelt before Him, giving Him my best blow-job. This became my regular Wednesday recreational activity; four rampant boys to fuck me, dinner and a long cock sucking session to follow. And there i was, sitting naked at the table as W/we ate dinner.