Dealing dating rejection Sex hrvatska date online

Now, it’s not terribly surprising that men fear rejection; after all, you feel as though your very existence is being judged.

Being rejected can feel as though it’s a response to you as a person rather than a reaction to the circumstance or situation. You feel like not only did everybody just watch you get shot down, but they’re all enjoying watching you being put back in your place.

You’re afraid of being embarrassed in front of others, whether it’s the boss you just asked for a raise or that hot librarian working the reference desk when you asked her for her number. happen to see it won’t even remember five minutes later. You can see it as an embarrassing moment, or proof that you’re latest attempt didn’t work and need to try to do things differently next time.

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To quote a wise man: “Pain don’t hurt.” to reframe the situation.

You can let it destroy you or you can decide that it’s not a big deal.

Repeated failures let you refine your process, eliminating errors and mistakes and narrowing down your pathway to success.

Failure is the greatest teacher you can have, and this is doubly true when it comes to dating.

You want to be able to take an honest and appraising look at what happened. it could just as easily be a fault of bad timing as something you did.