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It a free sign-up but charges for full membership, either six-monthly or annually.

Back Top Love Byrds Adult men and women with a disability, handicap, or physically or mentally challenged in some way.

Back Top The Internet Dating Guide are hundreds of internet dating sites that cater for all manner of desires and interests, from the weird and bizarre like fetish dating, to the cultural and status sites like gothic and millionaire dating.

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Life will provide all the features of the original service for people with all types of disabilities, PLUS, we are now aggressively integrating the disabled and non disabled population into a more global service. (read Wendy's Bio) Traditional dating services, with substantial fees, may ask the question on their questionnaire,"Do you have a disability?

We know that love opportunities are vital for everyone, and it is my greatest hope that our new LIFE will enhance your future life. " If the answer is yes, there may be no further discussion, no refunds, and no referrals. Wendy knew from first hand experience that the need was there. Because this lady knows there is an essential and valid need for all to have friendship, companionship, and love in their life.

This site includes an extensive forum where singles exchange views and ideas about coping with and overcoming many of life’s challenges.

There’s also chat, weekly polls, public, private and personal journals, discussion boards, submitted poetry, articles and tips, humorous items and travel information for the disabled.

Dawn Disabled Dating Service specializes in Workers Compensation, Dental, Stock.