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My son’s job is cleaning out Larry’s cage each week.If someone is available we hold him, otherwise we put Larry in a large clear storage bin with lots of snacks (carrots or Romaine lettuce leaves are his favorite) while his cage is cleaned.I will also have some posts soon on taking care of other pets’ needs, so stay tuned! We were happy to get her and she was a wonderful pet for my 3 kids.

), love to cuddle, like to be where the family hangs out, and are easy to take care of.

I found that my kids did better with our piggies than our hamsters or gerbil, mainly because they are not nocturnal, they are not as delicate and easier to hold in small, perhaps not too gentle, hands and love the attention. Penny lived in a giant clear Rubbermaid storage container with big air holes drilled all across the sides and lid.

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She was very mellow and never tried to wander away.