Dating without drama review

There are certain things I especially like in my K-dramas, and if these elements are in a show, I am predisposed to be smitten.Those elements are (and not in any special order): I don’t have to have all of these things in any given drama.I really enjoyed it, and not just because of Lee Min Ho. Naturally, this is the story of how he grows up and overcomes his disadvantages and becomes King.

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I thought it was incredibly sweet, and I loved the pro-agrarian theme.

Hello Miss / Hello My Lady: romantic comedy with some lovely background scenes on traditional Korean culture.

But her trailing mutterings irritate me after a while and I want to shake her and ask her to ENUNCIATE!

For family viewing there is a scene in the first and second episodes you might prefer to skip- she is a struggling fashion designer wannabe, and her boss hires three thugs to steal her newly designed outfit- which she is wearing.

It’s just that any drama that has a strong showing of any one or two of these things goes to my head- the more of these elements the more smitten I am. I like other things, too, of course, good soundtrack, witty writing, fine acting, good production values- but these are things that a show.