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Any change in surroundings can bring about the feeling of shock.If a person leaves home for the first time and goes to college, the new environment and experiences may be a shock to him.

Calling people without titles is difficult for Ghanaians. Ghanaians don't often mention their names during handshake which is a culture shock for tourists. Ghanaian handshakes are often between buddies, probably more common with men. Left-handedness has traditionally been discouraged in the Ghanaian society.

It is an important tradition in Ghana to add a respect-giving title when calling or addressing people. Very amazing to the tourist is the way we snap our middle fingers to make an interesting sound during handshake. Until recently, teachers even discouraged pupils from writing with the left.

Some of them have lowered the standard of men they want, are ready to forego costly marriage rites, or even hang on to already married men in the hope of taking them away for themselves.

Another behavioural trend in Ghana was that drivers didn't wait for pedestrians.

If you have lived all your life in Ghana, you will think this practice is common in other cultures too. However, our country has been blessed with many good left-footed players like Mohammed Polo and Abedi Pele.